5 ways to Feng Shui your kitchen for prosperity!

here’s what i love about the kitchen. we’re fed and nourished here. we cook here. maybe we pay our bills or do homework here. it’s where we drink our coffee, pour the wine, and snoop for snacks. when we host gatherings (one day soon!), they find there way to this spot. impromptu talks often happen here. and when we ask people about their best memories, we often hear ones that happened in a kitchen. it’s interesting to note, too, that one of the best investments we can make when renovating space is the kitchen.

the kitchen in Feng Shui is synonymous with wealth, but it only stokes our prosperity if we use it.

so, if you want your kitchen to have that kind of BA-BAM energy, here’s what you’ll want to do:

let your countertops breathe! if yours are covered with appliances and décor that is rarely used, it’s costing you. any horizontal surface (like those counters) represents creativity. think of them like a landing pad for new ideas and solutions. if available surface area is limited, there is no room for clarity or “inspirational” refreshments. so, use your stuff, or find it a new home.

keep fresh fruit out in the kitchen as a symbol of abundance. personally, i love oranges – they are happy, bright, and bursting full of the sweet life. i also love them because while some traditional Feng Shui symbols – mandarin ducks, bamboo flutes, firecrackers – don’t translate stylistically for everyone, oranges usually do.

pay attention that things are more than halfway full. wealth – in the simplest terms – is stimulated by the consciousness of abundance.

maximize your earning potential. ever hear the more burners your stove has, the wealthier you are? ‘tis true if you use them. what i typically see (and hear from clients) is one favorite burner being used all the time. the rest? untapped prosperity. don’t let that happen to you.

clean the oven. it is representative of our personal energy and financial prowess, so it helps BIG time to keep it clean. we all crave the “magical” remedies, i know. but getting elbow deep and scrubbing yours ‘til its polished and pretty will take you (and your abundance potential!) leaps and bounds. xo


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