8 ways to clear energy on the quick!

everything is alive with energy – including our homes and furnishings. as such, they give off and also absorb energy.

everything is connected – which means these energies affect YOU. more specifically, your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and how YOU experience life.

everything is always changing. sometimes, the energy is so rigged in our favor, we levitate through the day. but when things get a little sideways – because, you know, LIFE – that levitation can land with a THUD.

so, a reassuring and reliable way to keep your surroundings sprouting healthy, helpful chi?

space clearing rituals.

i am a BIG advocate for doing a “deep clean” once a year.

however, throughout the year, it helps to have a few quick recipes for sprucing your space and these are my favorite GO TOs!

TIP 1: RATTLE – this one tool literally rattles off unwanted energies so they don’t get comfortable “attached to you” or hang around your space. a quick *shake shake shake* is all it takes to loosen up unwanted chi! 

TIP 2: SALT – for this ritual, i buy a box of rock salt. rock salt specifically holds EARTH energy, and EARTH energy is grounding, stabilizing, supporting, and healing.

fill up 1 bowl about 70% with your salt. place it in the middle of your space, and leave it out for 24 hours. you might also sprinkle some salt along the threshold of your front (and back) door. leave the salt there for 24 hours. the salt will soak up any unwelcome energy in your surroundings and keep it contained. after 24 hours, dispose of the salt in an outside trash (or bury it in the ground). and whether you sweep up the threshold salt or vacuum it, dispose of it, too, outside your home. otherwise, all that *toxic* energy will get loose back into your space.

(don’t have rock salt? no worries. work with what you’ve got!)

TIP 3: SALT – if you feel like an extra pinch of grounding security and protection, carry a small sachet of salt tucked into a pocket (or nestled between you and your waistband) with you during the day. dispose of it at the end of the day outside your home. 

TIP 4: SALT – give your kitchen a salty wipe down. this ritual clears any lingering negative chi that might have settled here. it also keeps any of those gremlins from attaching to you. all you need is a damp cloth, natural rock salt, and a little elbow grease. dip your cloth into the salt, and wipe down everything – countertops, cupboards, pantry door, and floors – with the intention of extracting and eliminating old chi. (BONUS TIP: i use this cleanse after any home repair / improvement happens here!) 

TIP 5: FRANK – frankincense is a personal favorite for reinforcing protection and prayer. whether you burn its resin or spritz the essential oil through your house, “frank” beautifully penetrates the air and encourages intense energies to move along.

buy some frankincense resin. you will also need a burn-safe container (i LOVE my copper sieve for this!) and a charcoal briquette. (open a few windows, too, if possible.) light the charcoal, let it heat and spark until it’s glowing orange, and drop a few pieces of resin on it. once it is smoldering, walk around every room so the frankincense can waft into all 4 corners. start and finish at your front door. set a few intentions, say a prayer of gratitude, and then extinguish the briquette.

TIP 6: FRANK – if you LOVE the idea of smoke-clearing but your body doesn’t, make an EO blend with frankincense, lemon and lavender. fill a glass spray bottle with filtered water, add 3 drops of each essential oil, and then walk around your house spritzing to cleanse as you would with traditional smudging.

another option: put this trip in a diffuser, and you have yet another fantastic way to banish stagnant energy and freshen a room. (make sure to use a diffuser that has a really good dispersion rate.) 

two other favorites? Sister Sage’s cedar smudge spray and sweetgrass + tobacco smudge spray

TIP 7: SMUDGE HERBS – instead of working with one favorite, try mixing and mingling your favorite superpowers. for instance, it White Sage is your go to… 

·     add rose petals to amplify the energy of LOVE.

·     include a pinch of clove, ginger or cinnamon to pair with any money intentions.

·     enhance with lavender to soothe and diffuse any discord, within yourself or among the family.

·     maximize your mental magic with a sprig of rosemary — hello, clarity and confidence!

TIP 8: for especially low (ghost) energy, use dragon’s blood incense to stir up the energy. interestingly, dragon’s blood is often used in products to improve circulation, so think of it as a way to enhance your home’s healthy chi flow, too!

i will be sharing peeks of me working with some of these over the next couple weeks, so be sure to watch my upcoming stories for a few more helpful hints! xo