simple shui tip: 9 ways to shui under 5 minutes

make your bed = first success of the day, or what I like to call ‘starting the day off on a chi high note!’

open the windows = “out with the old, in with the new!” – a good wind-wash is one of the easiest way to clear energy out there!

dust your plants’ leaves = if they breathe easier, so do you!

keep the toilet seats down = protects wealth energy, need I say more?

replace a burned-out lightbulb = keeps you from feeling burned out, and it ensures you’re not “in the dark”!

get rid of something broken or struggling – you don’t want to be under that kind of influence, do you?

give your front door mat a good shake – this is where opportunity lands, so make it feel welcome and invited!

sprinkle some salt in your wallet = salt attracts energy, and your wallet is a home to money. or, in other words, MFEO!

name 9 positive things you can see right now – appreciation “appreciates” and that kind of chi compounding in your surroundings is a very good thing! xo