99 Red Balloons…

I used to love that song SO much. Today, however, I am not singing about red balloons — I am letting a few go into the bright blue sky for my birthday.

Red Balloons

I have heard in feng shui circles that releasing a red balloon with a desire written on it has the power to turn dreams into reality. Why not, then, give it a try? I have read much about the power of writing down goals…that when we put pen to paper, we are boldly declaring ourselves "in the game." Our brains have amazing filter systems, and when we choose to focus on something, we have the ability to easily notice and attract opportunities all around us bringing us closer to realizing our desires. As for the color red — it is associated with joy, excitement, luck, happiness, richness, and luxury. What a lovely combination! This is bound to become a birthday tradition for my family!

So without further adieu, I am off to write down my goal on a red balloon (or two) and put it out there…here's to a wonderful 34th year!