a BIG misconception about shui…

one of the biggest Feng Shui misconceptions is that if you do something under its guidance, the results can only be positive.

while there is a generous truth to that, the journey to that positive outcome can, and almost always, looks and – more importantly – feels differently to everyone.

this is why I often explain Feng Shui triggers opportunities, so the best guidance I can give anyone after any Feng Shui changes have been prescribed and applied is this:

you gotta be willing to say yes to the assignment that knocks on your door. 

in my client work, these 3 *inconvenient* truths pop up most consistently, sometimes convincing my clients that the shui is not working.

but guess what? it is…

let’s discuss:

INCONVENIENT TRUTH #1: being in command works in a snap.

moving yourself into command can feel uncomfortable at first. the truth here is if you haven’t been comfortable with visibility or letting yourself be fully seen, moving a desk into this “face your life” position can initially feel incredibly overwhelming.

if this arrangement hasn’t worked for you, consider where you maybe have been flirting with the idea of putting yourself out there, gaining more visibility, being open and receptive to opportunities that come your way, having a bigger venue of possibilities – and then ask yourself:

does the arrangement of the room really bother me or is it that I am showing up in a new way – and that feels weird, uncomfortable, and maybe even too bold?

Feng Shui doesn’t assuage all that programming we pick up as we grow up. so, if someone has told you to play it safe, not to “cause a scene”, or blend, being in command might be a little uncomfortable, especially if there is an aesthetically pleasing alternative. (enter: the tidy arrangement of the desk aligned against the wall.)

INCONVENIENT TRUTH #2: color helps us “handle more.”

I honestly haven’t had a client yet who isn’t interested in more abundance – and we’re not just talking money abundance. this includes an abundance of energy; an abundance of opportunities; an abundance of ideas; an abundance of experiences.

color suggests abundance. 

Ingrid Fetell Lee says “color is an indication of the richness of our surroundings. it is energy made visible. and at the core of the energy aesthetic is this: it is a vibrancy that lets us know our surroundings are alive and can help us thrive.” 

so, if color isn’t your thing but it seems like nothing new is percolating in your world, go for a small punch of pop. every small change we introduce around us shifts our energy just enough that we become more comfortable with handling more – and that could translate to your ability to handle more abundance!

INCONVENIENT TRUTH #3: clutter can be an avoidance tactic.

I have shared many times there are situations when clutter is a good thing. so, if you are in a situation where it is serving a useful purpose, this is not for you.


when it is not serving a purpose, clutter has a way of making us feel busy all the time. it disguises as “being prepared”, and yet, we somehow aren’t getting delivery on that “promise.”

when the accumulation of stuff becomes a way of life, the chi in our homes – which influences our life experiences, drip by drip, day after day – becomes sluggish and smothering. 

and the more we consume, the more we feel like we need more.

finding ways to recognize abundance already in your life is a good way to shed this need to accumulate. and in the process of reminding ourselves that we have enough, we actually start to feel like we are enough – and that can significantly change (for the better!) how we feel about showing up in the world. xo