a client story: how to prep for success!

when it comes to my shui gents, i’m often called in to help with their office. whether we’re at home or their place of work, i LOVE these consults! a few changes are all that’s (usually) necessary to bring out the best of what’s coming their way. 

one of my favorite clients EVER was hoping to secure two BIG opportunities that hadn’t landed yet. when he called me, his request was simple. could we shui his workspace so it was supportive and receptive to these possibilities? my answer: ABSOLUTELY! 

since he worked from home and in a downtown office, we started with his home office. it was the space most connected to the opportunities in play. 

the first thing he showed me was his beautiful desk…that he made by hand! the size was perfectly customized to his needs. and everything about it (each tiny detail, the quality of wood, his creative process) really lit him up. 

however, the desk was pushed up against the wall. not only did he face the wall while working, the door was immediately to his right. his handmade showstopper had been relegated to a corner.

if that was where he worked, guess where he was professionally?

there were two corrections to make, and both required the same move.

first up, we needed to remedy facing a wall at his desk. Feng Shui is literal, people. face a wall at work, and it translates into projects (or your momentum) hitting that wall. he was definitely feeling it!

secondly, he needed distance between the door and his desk. doors are energy pathways. and energy pathways are subtle distractions.

imagine yourself at the airport, sitting at the gate. nestled in the waiting area, your attention probably doesn’t wander too much. if you’re in one of the seats near the airport corridor, though, you’re likely fidgety. the stimulus is high. it’s hard to remain focused. and the seduction of people watching is mesmerizing and distracting. 

sitting near a door at work has a similar effect. it pulls your attention multiple directions. the result? you’re rarely focused long enough to get settled, much less started. 

back to my client. a beautiful desk. dedicated office space. and all the resources necessary to make this space work with and for him. i recommended one improvement:

move the desk to command position.

a few months later, i heard he and his family were selling their home and moving out of state. both freelance opportunities he hoped to secure (he did!) turned into job offers. one was a full-time position within a company. the other developed into a side-consulting job. and because they were in the same city (the odds!), he accepted both! 

the whole idea of Feng Shui is to shore up beneficial chi so you live a longer, happier life. however, when we work in a space where our subconscious doesn’t feel supported, our energy is siphoned every single day. add to that the presence of potential disruptions, and we shift into high alert mode. this leaves us chronically distracted. the distraction halts our flow of creativity because our energy is drained from being on high alert. and the makings for a longer, happier life won’t accumulate under those circumstances. 

shui certainly played a role in his success story, but the best part is this:

whether change is a direct outcome of an environmental adjustment, or it is a result of learning how to see opportunity around us, that win stays with you. for my client, he discovered the power to involve himself in positive change is easier than he ever thought – and that is an empowering perspective he will carry forever! xo