Q & A: any feng shui tips for an office?

even though offices are often full of high energy change (people coming + going; bright overhead lights; electricity buzzing from alllll the devices), plenty of things within them never change. when a space stays the same way too long, it’s common to notice stagnant spots. so, i really LOVE today’s Q! whether you work remotely or commute to an office, here are a few feng shui tips for an office that work anywhere, anytime!

this week’s question:

hello, beautiful! my husband owns a small marketing firm. it’s a lovely space, yet the energy feels stagnant. do you have any feng shui tips for an office?

feng shui tips for an office: start with what you have

(1) move the furniture. if you can’t rearrange the room, shimmy the desk or a bookshelf an inch to the left or right. we underestimate small, less-visible adjustments, waiting for the resources to make sweeping renovations instead. tiny changes, though, loosen up constricted energy around us and always deliver a satisfying exhale.

(2) put away any floor clutter. this might be boxes of files, stacks of books +/or paper piles, even work bags. anything hanging out on the floor, especially long term, weighs a business down.

feng shui tips for the office, simple shui

more feng shui tips for an office: give yourself a lift!

(3) give yourself a lift energetically with a visual reminder. imagery suggesting upward + outward movement activates transformation energy. art/photography of the sun, fire, or flowers work well! or, hang imagery of something soaring – like birds. anything *taking off* represents his energy and endeavors taking off, too!

(4) rise to the occasion by using a VIP (very important PLANT) to support upward mobility! plants contribute clean air and create a sense of companionship in the space. they also symbolize progress and future prosperity. a few shui favorites include orchids, the money plant, chrysanthemums, and jade plants. however, any greenery – as long is it thrives – is energy in the bank!

(5) make sure his desk sits in command position. ideally, his back faces a solid wall (or furniture) and he sees anyone approaching his space. when we defer to a weakened position (unable to see anyone approaching), our subconscious lives on high alert. eventually, it has a cumulative, draining effect on our energy because we’re always *on guard.* finally, ample room to work at his desk and a high-back chair are smart office shui! if a desk is too small, it hampers our efficiency. and a high back chair equals executive; lower back chairs equal managerial.

whether you complete the list or prioritize a few of these feng shui tips for the office, here’s the best part: any single one has enough oomph to rejuvenate the energy around him! xo