a client story: “put your house back in order”

one of my clients hit some turbulence recently in their business.

after assessing their home and multiple business locations, I had one suggestion: we need to “put your house back in order.”

this client has been in BIG visibility and expansion mode for years now, which required delegating more responsibilities. for the most part, that system has been incredibly successful.

however, like anyone in ‘leaps and bounds’ growth mode, the level of attention and TLC shown to the office spaces had dwindled.

in January, while I was making my annual visit through the HQ offices, I noted a little more than usual chaos. so, when we met up in their home, I reminded them that “we can do all the things to trigger continued success, but the spaces where we’re making these changes aren’t receptive. it’s time to get ‘hands on’ again and pull things back in line.”

they purged and cleaned all the spaces, and here’s what happened…

I space cleared one location; they infused the space with their intentions; and that same day, they received the highest inspection score ever awarded to them.


after removing a few ‘relics’ that were serving up ‘outdated’ energy, a really BIG order came in (while I was there, no less!). 


finally, after being in the space for a couple days, some high-profile customers came in – and brought new attention to their business.


remember, little improvements are BIG, and they almost always generate immediate “feedback” that energy is shifting. so, if you’re overthinking your space (what ‘needs’ to be done; changes that you’ve been putting off; etc.) or feeling overwhelmed with “keeping up”, where’s the simplest place you can start? trust your answer because that is where your BIG shifts live.

now, if you’re thinking, “well, if I could just have you tell me where or how to start, that would help me, too…”, I’ve got some good news…

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