a few ways to work with water…

a few other ways to work with the *replenishing* energy of water:

wear loose clothing, like maxi dresses and caftans.

get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.

spend time by yourself – off social media, without Netflix, zero texting.

engage in deep, soulful conversations. 

journal — write down your gratitude, scribble out those intentions, let your heart speak through your hand.


install the dimmer switch.

look for curved +/or flowing shapes that will soften the straight lines within a room.

step into the moonlight.

incorporate dark or muted colors into your space/wardrobe to pull energy inward.

focus on one thing at a time.

sip your morning cuppa outside or near a window and just get lost gazing.

indulge the introvert in you.

watch the shadows that come and go with the sun rising and setting.

soak in a salty tub.

create open space and leave it that way. xo


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