AP Shui

So, you say you want to feng shui?

Here are my go-to basics you can use whenever + wherever. Simple enough? Absolutely.

Need more? Want more? Email me.

(1)    Clear the clutter. Go for a drawer, a closet, a nook…just get started.

(2)    Replace or fix anything damaged, leaking, clogged, squeaking, burned out, dead, or broken. Immediately. These represent “hang-ups” in life.

(3)    Open windows at least 20 minutes each day. It is like a changing of the guard, allowing the old out and welcoming in the new.

(4)    Make the front door inviting. Energy goes where attention goes.

(5)    Clean your stove + everything around it. Your stove + oven represent prosperity. Keep it sparkling clean and use the burners as much as possible.

(6)    Buy fresh flowers +live plants for your space. These are powerhouse feng shui cures. Replace when/if they die. Anything living in your space, as long as it is thriving, brings in natural vitality.

(7)    Keep things more than halfway full. This is a very simple way to signify abundance.

(8)    Stimulate all 5 senses within a space whenever possible. Imagine a soft rug underfoot {touch}, a scented candle burning {smell}, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers {sight}, a song you love playing softly {sound}, and a cool drink close by {taste}. When all 5 senses are heightened, it is a
very good thing.

(9)    Create a space that reminds you of personal, professional, or lifelong goals. Feng shui is an environmental metaphor…it is meant to keep you focused on what you desire, and diminish negative thinking. What we think about we bring about.

(10)   The very most important component in feng shui is Y-O-U. If you feel love + joy, your energy radiates out into the world, returning the same to you…only ten-fold. Every time. 



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