bagua 101: get to know the Wisdom area

happy Wednesday, shui babes!


standing at your front door LOOKING INTO YOUR HOME, imagine your entire space divided into a tic-tac-toe board of 9 equal squares. the front left-hand square (from the front door) is your Knowledge / Self-Cultivation / Wisdom gua. it is my favorite gua and a great space to tend when you’re…

+ studying any subject

+ going to counseling

+ engaging in self-improvement of any kind

+ making a BIG or quick decision

+ letting go of what doesn’t serve you

a few ways to “rev up” its support include…

+ stacking a few books here related to what you’re studying, learning or trying to improve

+ keeping oracle cards or affirmations here

+ imagery of mountains or quiet spaces to encourage contemplation

+ the colors blue or indigo

+ lemon essential oil (as a spritzer or in a diffuser) to help curb indecisiveness

all these tips pull straight from my new course *Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant* (and its advanced level that’s coming in October 2022). so, if you’re ready for even more tips and ideas on how to shui your house every day, you definitely want to check it out! xo