cleaning the closet and *ring* in your something new!

closets (especially ones dedicated to wardrobe) relate to authenticity, identity and personality — which is why “cleaning the closet” is a powerful gesture. so, if the horizon of 2021 has you howling for something better, here are a few considerations for ringing in your something new:

if the closet clutter is from past relationships or periods in your life that drum up negative feelings, let it go. cut that energetic tie.

if the clothes hanging don’t fit or you’re hoping to fit into them again someday… if those clothes don’t make you feel better than you look… +/or they don’t represent who you’re becoming… (hello, VP — do your clothes match that title?), let them go! open space in your closet signals that new things (attitudes and ways of being) are welcome in your life. 

if yours is housing any excess out of fear, stop squandering your personal energy and surrender those ambivalent what ifs. claim back your power.

if the closet stores nostalgia (kept out of guilt), bid it adieu. it’s the memory of something, not the thing itself, that we really treasure. trust yourself to remember your life.

if yours holds boxed up belongings to sort eventually, that day is now. we tend to live in a “later” state of mind. so, if you can name a time and date for “later”, great! but often, we just don’t know when we’ll have the time or motivation. if it’s not a clear YES, it’s a NO.

if the closet is loaning precious space to your loved ones, ask them to store their stuff somewhere else. free up that loaned energy.

if you’re storing never-been-used things, find a way to use them now. and if you can’t, explore the fear and worry behind why you have them. when we hoard stuff for years, we subscribe to a numbing belief life won’t get better. make some room for positive possibilities to flourish.

closets are tricky for most of us because they house how we present ourselves in the world. and if shopping is a coping mechanism, we often buy from a compromised version of ourselves, which is why what we accumulate might not align with the better version of ourselves. so, any time this year that you’re ready to provoke a new version of yourself, you know where to start! xo

(photo credit: Sezane)


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