come and knock on my door!

have you listened to the 3rd episode of House Therapy yet? it’s allll about your front door. in fact, this episode just might have you taking notes! your front door is like a first impression. it’s very symbolic of how we greet the world. so, in my conversations and consultations, the front door space is always high on my list of considerations.

everything happening at and around the front door – landscaping, lighting, the colors, your pathway, hardware, doormat and more – is either depositing some chi in your energetic bank account or it’s costing you energy. and when it comes to the front door, ignoring its prowess is like leaving money on the table — abundance in the form of opportunity, possibility, visibility and potential – right there for the taking!

that’s why i’m sharing some practical ways to improve the front door to rig better energy in your favor. all you have to do is meet me here and then enJOY! xo