curious what Feng Shui actually is? keep reading…

a BIG influencer/brand let me (and a few others) know that she doesn’t *believe* in Feng Shui — and it cost me a pretty cool opportunity. listen, i have said since stepping into this practice 15 years ago: my purpose and gift is to help people understand shui — not convince them of anything. so, cool, not everyone *believes* in Feng Shui. but, let’s be clear about what Feng Shui is, okay?

first, here’s what it’s not: a design trend or new age practice; witchcraft or juju or anti-religion; +/or a shortcut around your problems or a quick fix for your money / honey woes.

translated, Feng Shui means wind (which we don’t see) and water (which we do see). wind represents energy, and water represents fortune.

Feng Shui is wind / water is energy / fortune. so, Feng Shui is simply bringing yourself (through your space) in alignment with the energy of fortune. THAT IS IT.

now, let’s wade into what *fortune* means. we tend to think of money, investments, savings, and income as fortune, but isn’t it so much more? like, our family + friends + support network. access to opportunities + resources. work we love. feeling seen, heard, respected, and loved. and overall health, well being, and a sense of purpose. ALL of this creates the real fortune in our lives.

so, anything that brings us in alignment with allll of that is most likely going to fall under the umbrella of Feng Shui.

now, on the note that some don’t *believe* in Feng Shui — remember, wind represents unseen energy, and water is the energy we do see. translation: if you have space and stuff in that space, Feng Shui is already happening around you. your belief isn’t a requirement.

so, the better question here is how well is your space supporting you? and are there opportunities for improvement?

turns out, behavioral scientists agree. they just call it ‘choice architecture.’ like shui, they’ve determined that your surroundings affect your mood, which influences your behavior, which persuades your decisions and those lead to certain outcomes. so, whether you *believe* in it or not, this much is true: your environment influences your life experience — and that is Feng Shui. xo


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