simple shui | do you have ‘dining room’ syndrome?

we often style a room according to what a builder or architect intended. however, a room designed out of obligation is oftentimes a room never used. dining room syndrome, anyone? being in our space is more important than having a beautifully curated one that sits unused. when we don’t utilize a room in our home, two things happen. (1) it disrupts all the good feng shui we’ve implemented everywhere else. (2) we miss out on that space’s unique energy offerings in our home.

how i transformed our dining room syndrome into an everyday lounge!

our home has a designated area for the dining room. however, even after purchasing an expensive dining suite for it, we never used it. the room looked good but didn’t feel great when we were in there. we sold the furniture a few years later and brought in a couch and a few chairs instead. again, the room looked fabulous but we felt disconnected from the house whenever we forced ourselves to use it. Ruby (our dog) would perch on the couch, looking out the window for squirrels. a few years ago, i decided i would give it one last hearty attempt. around the same time, i noticed we were eating dinner later and later. our girls would come home from school and spill their homework out on the kitchen table. we wouldn’t eat until they had wrapped their study session.

hmmm…what if i used the ‘dining room’ for an additional work/homework space?

the living room vibe was replaced with a round table, 4 chairs, and a rug. and wouldn’t you know it – magic! we tumbled into the house after school and convened round table to catch up on each other’s day. the room finally had a meaningful role, and that made ALL the difference.

why that one room matters more than you think

one space sitting stale will sabotage your feng shui efforts. think of energy traveling from one room to the next. as it makes its rounds, your home energy picks up the signature vibe of each space. this is like making 100s on your coursework all semester, but one major test comes along that you nearly fail. a test score of 70 sucker-punches your overall grade, right? same thing happens here.

what you can expect when you add a little TLC?

the improvements we make in any room foster and fuel positive change. and regardless of the room’s specific energy, it is a space that – when engaged  – can empower you. it holds potential to mitigate challenging circumstances. and you have an invitation here to stimulate opportunities for your success. seems to me a little TLC is worth the vital life force you get in return! xo