does a *perfect* Feng Shui house exist?

for as long as i’ve been practicing shui, i have yet to come across a “perfect” Feng Shui house. simple fact: most homes have their own unique challenges and specific shui needs. however. despite my assurance that almost everything can be remedied, it’s not uncommon for clients or readers to panic when they realize their home is missing a life area (according to the bagua map). and without missing a beat, they become *almost certain* this is the reason they’re experiencing (or will face) certain challenges or frustrations in their lives.

so, if this is YOU, let’s talk about why you can put that worry down and walk away…

one :: you might not know enough shui to be worried, and that’s a good thing! in my professional experience, there are usually several things that are working gloriously in your home’s favor. it’s easy to fixate on what seems to be a singular problem when, in fact, there is a whole body of shui criteria worth considering. and. most homes i work with have way more wins working for them than they have concerns worthy of dervish worry. even better? shui knows how to help you amplify every single one of those strengths and offers plenty of remedies for its hiccups.

two :: missing areas can be remedied. whether we (a) address those areas in other parts of the house, (b) use chi enhancers to anchor the missing areas, or (c) work with mirrors to call the energy back in, there is a fix for almost every situation.

three :: i have a list of “absolutely and under no circumstances should you buy this house” criteria, and missing guas is not on the list.

four :: what looks like a missing gua to you might actually be an extension or BONUS area of a gua. (whoa, right?)

if you’re shui-curious to learn more, consider a 1:1 consult or get in touch to be on the WAIT LIST for my next group consult class! xo


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