edit your space, edit your life

clutter in a home is often incongruent with our authentic desires. we say we want change and believe we are ready for it, but our things subtly but persuasively suggest otherwise. so, we end up stuck. our energy is choked. and while we blame the circumstances, there is often stuff standing right in our way.

there is a simple remedy.

gentle but brutal honesty about what we LOVE, use, +/or actually need.

this is how we begin to reclaim space – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

so, where do we start?

schedule the time + honor it. we all have clutter culprits – those stuffed spaces we want to go through, but there is never enough time. clutter piles up one decision at a time and becomes a congregation of emotional knots so our resistance is completely normal. except, you want life to feel cooperative and ripe with possibility, right? pick an area to tackle, schedule the time, and show up ready.

no matter the space, take everything out and clean like God is coming. start anywhere – a drawer, your closet, or the attic – and take every single thing out. (note: ready yourself for MAJOR self-reflection.) wipe down the entire space and set some new intentions. this hands-on effort – cleaning shelves, vacuuming corners, or wiping down baseboards – wakes a part of you up from hibernation. because when you and your belongings meet in the present moment, it is powerful stuff.

instead of thinking what to get rid of, decide what you’ll keep. a simple motto around #chezshui is LIVE WITH WHAT YOU LOVE. ask yourself 3 questions:

do i LOVE it?

do i use it?

would i buy it again today?

edit your space for your how you want to edit your life. those decisions bring you much closer to living that life. which means when you’ve hauled every last thing out, only put back what you really, really LOVE, use or need and leave a little open room for possibility to arrive! xo


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