how it’s done: the FRAGRANT FLOWER RITUAL

today’s ‘recipe’ is a ritual i learned from one of my teachers and mentors, Maureen. and it is pitch perfect for galvanizing and upgrading your home’s energy!


this ritual is fabulous for your hive when the energy around you feels low or slow; you’re feeling a heavy dose of the blahs or blues; +/or you want to cultivate some feel-good chi in a jiff!

you’ll be buying FRESH flowers every 3 days, so let’s get a quick logistic out of the way:

buy your first bundle today (day 1); buy the 2nd bundle on day 4; buy the 3rd bundle on day 7; 4th bundle on day 10; etc.  

the 1st bouquet will go in your bedroom.

the 2nd bouquet will go in the kitchen.

the 3rd bouquet goes in the living room.

and the 4th bouquet starts the sequence again – back in the bedroom.

when any of the flowers die, return them to the earth (compost), if possible, or throw them out. what you want to avoid is any dead flower energy accumulating in the house.

now, with every new bouquet, reinforce it with your intention. give it a little high energy worship and prepare for some auspicious chi to shimmy into your life! xo


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