Q & A: i’m buying a new home and want to start best foot forward…

Q: “i’m buying a new home and want to start best foot forward. i have your workbooks. would i benefit from your book, too? are you doing private remote consultations? it’s an exciting time in a tipsy turvy world.”

A: my book is super useful for tips once in a home. however, if you’re picking out a home, a little different shui is SUPER USEFUL when making such a BIG decision. there is no such thing as a “perfect” Feng Shui house. however, there are a few factors worthy of consideration when looking for a new home. when certain ‘problems’ exist, they are worth knowing how to remedy +/or avoiding, in advance, if possible. so, here are a handful to get you started:

#1: location, location, location: let’s say your new space is near utility poles, on burial grounds, or alongside a highway – look somewhere else. 

#2: if possible, gather a little info about the previous owners. you’ll be inheriting their energy, after all. while a space clearing can help clean it up, this info indicates if there are challenges held in place by the home layout / structure / location. and with that information, it is easier to determine if those challenges can be remedied/adjusted or not. 

#3: observe the energy of the land / environment around your house. most importantly, is it thriving? the energy around us influences our lives while we are in its proximity. so, this is a BIG factor in how you’ll experience life in the home. 

#4: can you see the front door from the street? this is where opportunity finds you and knocks, making its visibility important!

#5: what do you see immediately upon entering the home? if the answer is out a window or back door; into a bathroom; or the kitchen, this/these will need to be remedied. 

this is an over-simplified list of challenges i encounter most often in homes after they’ve been purchased. however, every owner / house match-up is different. if you’d like to explore yours in specific-to-YOU ways, i highly recommend a consult. while most challenges can be remedied, there are a few worth passing on because they never lose their stamina! xo


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