simple shui | want to feng shui your life? start here.

ever wonder how to use feng shui daily in your life?

it starts with a shui maintenance plan.

it’s probably less glamorous or intriguing than you might think, but there is a fruitful rhythm to the feng shui i practice ritually, purposely, respectfully day in, day out.


i wake up and start the coffee. this simple act activates my wealth (and sheer happiness!) energy for the day. why? moving water stimulates career energy, and i seize every chance to keep those opportunities percolating. in my world, any action without intention is a missed opportunity.

after primping for the day, i walk the house, turn on lamps, and open curtains in all the rooms. the house has been yin all night, so i wake (yang) the space up by letting in mr. sunshine. greeting my house also nudges me to bask in gratitude and pivots my focus on all the things going well.

at some point in the day – and this ritual varies – Palo Santo or candles are lit. i acknowledge my priorities for the day and summon the required mental energy. this deliberate focus keeps me resilient against excuses. with palo santo, the smoke carries my intentions to the heavens and responds with energetic reinforcement. when the moment favors a candle, the spark summons the muses, especially when creativity is the order of the day.


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i do the little things every day – if it takes less than 5 minutes, the job gets done. going through the mail; hanging up keys/purse/jackets; clearing the counter tops; picking up dog toys. i don’t let “things” get in my way.

when i am done working, i clean my desk. creativity is messy, but its cultivation requires routine. 

dishes aren’t left in the sink. ever. kitchens represent our wealth, so i don’t jam with the idea of anything ‘dirty’ piling on my money.

floors are maintained on an as-needed basis. inside, this happens every other day (thanks to our fur babe). outside, i sweep once a week. sweeping is less a chore, more an invitation to call my desires to our front door. experience has proven to me that sweeping is the most practical way to put yourself in the path of magic.

plants are watered and dusted weekly. i am slightly obsessed with orchids – keeping their leaves glossy and clean is my way of making sure everyone here “breathes easy.”

i use the front door at least once a day. whether it’s to grab the mail, sweep, step outside to ‘suss out the weather, water the plants flanking the door, our front door sees action. and one of the simplest ways to feng shui your life is opening your front door on the daily!

i walk our house at night. every room, every nook gets my attention. if you ever wished you were an influencer, let me give you the good news – YOU ARE! our personal chi is that persuasive in our spaces, and simply walking your home makes its energy go viral. you won’t successfully feng shui your life if you rely exclusively on the “stuff” in your space to keep energy shipshape.


feng shui, simple shui, Amanda Gibby Peters, housekeeping, healthy home



while my daily rituals don’t change much, the shui remedies in use do. each week, i assess what our current needs and challenges are and incorporate accordingly.

if i am anxious about money, i work in money cures to the routine – like stoking all the stove burners once a day for 9 days.

when i have a project or collaboration in the works, i light 9 red candles once a day for 27 days for assured visibility.

on days when my personal energy is low, i do yard work. working with plants engages wood energy, and wood is the element that breaks through self-limitations.

if i need to spark new ideas, i move 27 things around.

feeling inspired to feng shui your life? start by diligently doing the simple rituals and routines that you know pay it forward on the daily. (you’ll know what is necessary because if/when you let it go, everything comes apart at the seams.)  and then spot treat with shui remedies and corrections, depending on your current needs or challenges. xo