simple shui | 4 ways to call high vibes into your home!

give me a campfire and i crave s’mores, ghost stories, and the sound of crackling flames. light a few tapers, and my inner flirt flairs to life. stoke a fireplace, and its nourishing warmth revives me. fire – in all its forms – is magic. it breathes life into darkness, transmutes moods, and draws us into communion with one another. it is expansive. transformative. illuminating. fire owns its power, reminding us to follow her lead – the perfect metaphor when we need to reclaim the full-strength of our own shine. and all it takes to rally this magnetic momentum is a candle or two.


SET THE STAGE. inspiration craves a schedule. and when we light a candle, we signal the beginning of something wonderful. since fire can become enthusiastic when left unattended, it requires our attention and focus – making it a thoughtful comrade for any new task or long-haul project. should your ambitious tempo start to slow, the spark of a candle is also a handy prescription for making a quick energetic request.


RAISE THE VIBRATION. there is a physicality to fire, and its dramatic personality prefers the company of a few good friends.  so, when we want our loved ones to gather and linger, light some candles. fire is an homage to our ancestors, who communed around a fire because it provided safety and comfort. maybe our circumstances have changed, but our love for fire still runs deep. and a small batch of candles glowing – with their flames reaching and extending – offers irrefutable charisma.



MAKE IT PERSONAL. a few whiffs of a familiar smell we LOVE can instantly bring us back into a state of balance. and scented candles are an easy way to diffuse the air, rearranging all those molecules surrounding us. cedar is nature’s signature scent – it’s both rich and woody. its notes root us to the earth’s grounding energy, making it an excellent choice when bringing people together. eucalyptus is a purifying and delightful mix of sweet and camphorous – an ideal remedy when our well-being requires a little TLC. lavender will always reign as the tranquil peace-maker, day or night. and orange is highly recognizable – sweet, playful, and convivial. Whatever scent we fancy, the right smell can revitalize us like a spiritual deep clean.


COME ALIVE. if the fire in your heart is out, the soft glow of a candle is all it takes to swirl up creative energy. as morning breaks, light a candle and set an intention – imagining yourself fully expressive and alive, like dancing flames. this little trick is especially useful when we need to inhale some quick courage. once wick meets wax, blow it out. rituals become the servant of our intentions. and the act of lighting a candle – when repeated daily – has the sweeping power to take us far. xo


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