hello, March!

ooh-la-la – it’s a new month and time for the season to change moods, so let’s cheers to that with a little TO DO, yes?

TIP ONE: refresh your skincare stash

it’s time to throw out anything past its prime – we’re talking expired make-up from yesteryear, complimentary hotel incidentals and hair/skin products you never use.

also, dump any duplicates that are lingering and taking up space. relocate anything that doesn’t actually belong in the bathroom. when a room that is so integral to our daily routine looks beautiful and feels inviting, we bookend our days the same way – ooh-la-love!

TIP TWO: switch up your gallery wall or artwork

when we leave the same stuff on our walls for years, we become numb to how the photos/art/decor once made us feel. when this happens, the high-octane aliveness the wall arrangement once provided is gone, and our indifference interferes with an opportunity to feel joy. i suggest taking everything off the walls at least once a year, let the space breathe, and be deliberate with what you put back. not only does this give you an opportunity to re-engage your energy with the content around you, it is a simple way to mindfully and intentionally refresh (dust, re-arrange, switch frames) the energy!

TIP THREE: wake up 15 minutes earlier

by the time the email and daily hullabaloo begin, you’ll have identified your priorities and managed a few deep breaths, rigging the day in your favor.

TIP FOUR: hang a bird feeder outside

birds are a powerful symbol of opportunities, so keeping their company attracts financial opportunities, good news, good business and career luck. and if you keep them coming back, lady luck will practically move in with you!

TIP FIVE: open the windows

open the windows = “out with the old, in with the new!” and the easiest way to clear energy on the quick! the air is electric with potent life force, often filling us with fresh hope. when we open windows, our home enjoys a deep cleansing breath while exhaling any lingering negativity out. xo