hello, november | a shui checklist

november is its own crazy little love song. the sky sweeps herself into bed early and fires crackle to life inside, while we eagerly pour ourselves into celebration and community. so, how about a few simple shui ideas to keep our homes from growing heavy in the delicious ambition of it all?


‘tis the season for shaking + baking + a whole lotta love. and the most sumptuous delights begin with fresh ingredients, yes? consider this your cue to toss expired spices + pantry goods. when we make this a seasonal ritual, we buy less of what we don’t need and create ample room for what we LOVE.



let’s talk ‘bout the promising powers of a well-edited closet, shall we? with warmer months gone, take honest inventory of what you wore. let me rephrase that: what you LOVED wearing. the clothes that were staples throughout spring and summer because they make you shine. hold onto that pile, and pare down the rest. be ruthless. if it’s not a clear YES, it’s a no. when we say YES to what we LOVE, our style becomes effortless. and that kind of confidence is the best thing we could possibly wear.



could your space use a little reinvigorating? decorate with the color orange. it’s convivial + social, a perfect backdrop for gatherings. and with days on shorter lease, it’s a shui way to bring the sunshine inside. start with a bowl of oranges on the dining table or spruce up your pumpkin fever on the mantle. even a pop of orange here or there, and believe-you-me, your soul will canter.



it’s time to go over the river + through the woods for holiday trips. which means we need to liven things up when we return home. a house that sits still, quiet, and dark becomes very yin. to thrive, we need a balance of yin AND yang. so, open the windows and let fresh air tumble in; turn on a few taps and run the water; play some music and dance; or bring something fresh {oranges, flowers, local baked goods} into your space. these indispensable influences of movement + color + activity will dose your house with enough yang, quelling the yin that’s been at play while you were away.



sweep the porch. daily, if possible. the entrance is a darling not to be forgotten as it welcomes every ounce of good energy we desire into our embrace. and when we sweep our porch , we do the most magical thing ever – we use the front door. that seemingly innocuous effort, combined with our own vibes, whips up the ingredients for irrepressible good luck.

BONUS :: with darker days on the loose, our homes require extra stimulus to stay bright + feeling light. i LOVE mega-watt chandeliers. and flickering candles. even pops of white throughout a home radiate illumination. but one of my most favorite ways to extend light is with a faceted crystal. here’s the juju rub: when we hang a crystal in a dark or small space, it lifts energy + captures light. and it’s like all that energy becomes confetti because the crystal disperses those good vibes around your space. so, if you are nodding a hearty YES, buy a crystal and hang it in the middle of a room {from the ceiling // light fixture} or in a window. if possible, hang it with red string in a length of 9, 18, or 27 inches. this signature fellowship of the color red + an auspicious number + the crystal itself knows how to seize the very best, leaving us all aglow.




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