“hitting a wall” at work? try this.

when a desk is pushed up against and facing a wall, it can end up feeling like you keep “hitting a wall” with your projects, clients or even your own momentum. i know not everyone can move the desk around, so here’s a solution: hang imagery or art on the facing wall and it will “open up” the space in front of you. (think: open road, horizon view, etc.)

and while we’re in “optimizing office space” mode:

+ if your chair hits the wall when you back up, it might feel like you’re always hitting resistance or you’re having a hard time “turning things around.” if possible, move your desk and chair up some so that you have more “wiggle” room.

+ bright overhead light may be invigorating – even helpful getting us into hustle mode – but day-long exposure is overstimulating. and overstimulation often leads to increased stress levels. so, bring in quality lighting with a task lamp. turn it one when you’re working on something important, too, and it will “spotlight” and draw energy (think: attention and visibility) to your effort!

+ finally, plant some support! a plant on your desk shades you from getting screen burn. a plant here also absorbs the EMFs coming off your computer and purifies the air, which makes breathing easier (and lowers stress levels). best of all, plants naturally keep us company – and isn’t that fabulous when we need to network and mingle? xo