house therapy | 2 questions I get asked allll the time!

there are a couple Qs that pop into my world pretty regularly, so I’m unpacking each of them in this week’s episode of House Therapy – and those questions are:

  • I want to take my Feng Shui deeper – what resources do you recommend?
  • how do I prepare for a Feng Shui consultation? – which, I’ve discovered, is really a question within a question.

after listening to this episode, if you’re ready to learn more, give the *Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant* course a look-see. I share with you my exact consultation process – what I look for in homes, how I assess priorities, and the remedies I prescribe for super common challenges in homes.

and if you’re ready to hire a consultant and find out what a difference collaborating with your home can make, it’s time to connect! my 2024 calendar is open for 1:1 scheduling, so I’m ready to get shui done when you are! xo