house therapy | 9 Feng Shui books I recommend

the most popular shui Qs I hear line up evenly on CAREER, LOVE, and MONEY, but there is
one question that always runs with the most wins:
what Feng Shui books do you recommend?
I rarely answer it. 
why? my shui journey began with a curiosity much like yours – and it turned into a self-propelled search for everything on the practice. this is how I *always* seemed to find the book / teacher I needed at that time. I learned Feng Shui reading whatever was available. I also introduced myself to authors and teachers; found mentors and friends; enrolled in classes; practiced and made mistakes – lots and lots of mistakes; hired professional consultants; and became certified.

so, everything I know and teach today is an amalgamation of all this, so truthfully there isn’t a straightforward answer to the question…which is why I hedge when asked. however, I do shuffle bundles of books from room to room, and I find myself – during these migrations – flipping through the teachings of my early teachers. books I was reading when I was brand new, having retired the skeptic in me to become the student. these books are dog-eared, drenched in highlighter, note-scribbled to the max in the margins. every single one is absolutely loved and truly built the infrastructure of everything I have learned since.
I am sharing that pile with you today – over on this week’s episode of House Therapy. hope you enJOY! xo