house therapy | turn your space into a work of art

one of the first lessons I learned from my shui teachers was “art is subjective.”

translation: don’t make any assumptions about what a client’s choice of art says or means until you’ve asked.

it was one of the best pieces of advice – in general – I’ve been given.

this is why I rarely label anything as “good” or “ bad” offhand when it comes to any creative expression in a home (or space).

instead, I ask questions, and if there is any correlation between my clients’ experiences and a piece of art, we will take a deeper dive into its potential impact. 

in today’s episode of House Therapy, I am taking you back to a conversation that started with this question:

“I bought a painting 8 months ago, and it just feels very wrong and not me anymore. I read your suggestion to leave the space blank – remove the current one and that might give me inspiration for the right one. thoughts?”

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