house therapy | your life-sized vision board

did you know every area of your life is represented in your living space right now?

that’s right! your home possesses life-changing magic – and there’s actually a blueprint for working with it intentionally. if you’ve been dabbling or practicing shui for a while, you likely know the Feng Shui map, which is also known as the bagua [bah-gwah].

and if this is brand new information, let me just say this: this map turns our everyday surroundings into our very own life-sized vision boards.

this map provides us opportunities to support ourselves and loved ones.

it helps us curate, shift, and improve the energy quality in our homes and our lives – I mean, you can deliberately shift the physical space to stimulate change in your life. wow, right?

so, it makes sense that when people meet the bagua for the first time, the first inclination is usually to quickly apply this map to their home and figure out the source for any (and all their) problems.

that was once me, too! however, with a little more experience now, there are 3 suggestions I highly recommend working with before applying any enhancements or remedies to your vision board – and they’re all in today’s episode of House Therapy! xo