Q & A: how do i orient the bagua?

Q: “i am currently considering which bagua to use for my house. living in the southern hemisphere, i am considering which way to orient my bagua. our house faces North which is hothothot in Summer!”

A: the map orientation i mostly work with is the *3 door gate* bagua, which aligns the ‘bottom’ of the Feng Shui map with the wall of the front door.

if you look at the bagua map (think of it like a tic tac toe board), your front door will fall into one of the following guas: wisdom and knowledge, career and life journey, or helpful people and travel.

standing at your front door looking into the house, this means your wealth area is the far back left-hand square; the far back right square is love / relationships; and the middle square is health. (you can probably figure out the rest pretty easily). hope that helps!

and a BONUS Q that can be applied to any gua that *houses* a room that doesn’t feel like it’s a *good* match:

Q: “what if your prosperity corner of the house is the playroom?”

A: if your wealth / prosperity houses any area that feels less agreeable to what you’d like in there, you have a few options:

(1) work with the prosperity corner of the living room instead. think of the living room as its own motherboard, perfect for its own bagua reading and any shui adjustments and remedies!

(2) work with the prosperity corner of your bedroom (or any other room in the home). think of this as a micro-approach to working with the bagua.

(3) work with the prosperity corner of your property – this is a macro-approach to working with the bagua.

(4) work with the prosperity gua of your desk or mattress! think of this as a FUN way to work with the bagua – and you can check out my reels for ideas on how to do both! xo

(need a copy of the bagua? i got you!)