how to Feng Shui your apartment!

when i refer to ‘home’, it is always prescribed in the broadest sense possible. whether you have a house, an apartment, a room, or a bed, it is incredibly potent space that wants to do more than flirt with your transformation—it’s there to narrate your story and help you breathe in your power. so, no matter the square footage, every space will revel if you give it a wink of shui.

most of my suggestions are nimble enough to work in any space; however, today’s post was inspired by my high risers and apartment dwellers because there are a few shui improvisations that belong in your repertoire!

i don’t adhere to many rules, but here is one i am a stickler for: you can’t control anyone else’s space, only what is yours. which means that the door to your apartment unit is the one you shui!

make certain that anything around your door is in working order. if you have a doorbell, it better ring! is there a light overhead outside your door? replace the bulbs when they burn out. if your door squeaks or the knob is loose or any part of the door needs fixing, get a handle on it quickly! shui is metaphor, and you don’t deserve these topsy turvy hassles.

give your door prominence from all the others. install a door knocker. put out a colorful welcome mat. hang some twinkling lights. or just shine the door up like you mean it. anything that clearly says this is YOUR space is gold star worthy!

if you can’t do anything to the exterior of your door, behold the power of your entry. and it only requires a few ingredients to go from drab to FAB! when an entry is both attractive and functional, it pulls auspicious opportunities your way and finesses welcome energy onto the runway straight to you!

let’s talk about the back door – especially if you don’t have one. shui is about optimizing energy circulation and when a back door is missing, you might feel stuck. “create” a back door with a mirror or hang art that depicts a door where the back door might be. simple, quick, and just like that, energy is going to show you moves you thought she forgot! xo

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