I’ve got five stars in my eyes!

one of the best things – hands down – to emerge from the House Therapy Certification program is its COMMUNITY. every single soul here is equally brilliant, beautiful and bold – and I really want you to know who they are, too.

so, as we embark on the gift giving season – and you know I am all about gifting an experience or opportunity over “stuff” – I want to introduce you to our House Therapists and their offerings as gift suggestions for YOU (and your loved ones!) this year.

and just so you know, each of them comes wearing my GLOWING praise….

Kelsey Abbott | Energy Alignment Coach | Human Design Expert | House Therapist

“I use science, spirituality and my own intuition and embodied wisdom to help you unleash your authentic, joyful self and manifest your dreams. I’m currently offering Personalized Coaching, Human Design Readings, House Therapy Consults and The Do-It-Your-Way Money Class.”

Jennifer Joy Hewitt is a virtual Wellness Coach and House Therapist specializing in intentional design placement. By moving your stuff, you support your ultimate success and Joy in your Home, Heart and Health.

Virginia and Natalie Drader | Ellis Kelly Interior Alchemy | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ellis Kelly pushes boundaries within their clients’ homes through the skillful use of colour psychology, natural materiality, lighting, and unique design details; while integrating Feng Shui and House Therapy into all of their spaces.

Jackie Schoenberger | HomeHearted Living | Edmonton, Alberta

“I am a certified House Therapist who is passionate about creating homes bursting with the kind of positive energy and joy that bring about life-changing magic. I specialize in all things NATURE, including the Five Elements and biophilic design (HELLO green energy and LIFE!).”

Catherine Andrews is a life coach and spiritual mentor for highly sensitive people. She specializes in energy work, EFT, House Therapy and space clearing, as well as micro-dosing plant and earth medicine for people ready to make energetic shifts in their life and feel closer to nature.

Amy Renning is a Certified Life Coach and House Therapist who believes that our life and home are deeply connected. “I will empower you to make small shifts in your home to manifest everything you want in your life!”

Tiffany Fox | Your Home Alchemist

“I am a House Therapist with a practice in Oregon that specializes in using the energy of the zodiac seasons to help you uplift your life through your home.”

Crystal-Lynn Copley | Distributing Magic | Prince George, BC, Canada

“Reach out if you would like help interpreting what your house is currently saying and creating a plan to help co-create your future.”

Arwa Bager is a high-performance transformation coach and a specialist in house therapy, combining science-backed methods with ancient wisdom. She offers 9 Star Ki readings, house therapy consultations, and space clearings (virtually or in the Miami, Florida area).

Margot van’t Rood | Simplicity and Flow

“I not only help you to release the physical items overflowing from your closets but dive deeper to identify what’s energetically underneath. By using your human design to guide your decluttering decisions and infusing Feng Shui throughout the process, together we turn your house from an overwhelming, chaotic mess into a home that feels as supportive as a being wrapped in a warm blanket.”

Abby Lane | Holistic Homes

“I’m a Holistic Interior Designer marrying House Therapy and Design. Changing the way your space feels (through House Therapy) creates a supportive space to help you grow over time; changing the way your space looks (though Design) supports you visually right away. I do both!”

Kathleen Berg is a doctor of physical therapy who owns an integrative medical clinic in Boise, Idaho. She loves to offer Feng Shui consultations on the side with two particular passions: one is finding that one simple thing that can shift everything; and two, guiding clients through intentional processes to mark life’s significant endings and beautiful new beginnings.

Cody Maher | Agency Wellness

Cody Maher is a House Therapist on Long Island in New York working both remotely and locally. She specializes in helping clients gain clarity on their unique intentions and walks them through how to align their spaces with these intentions through the wisdom of Feng Shui.

Carolyn Walkley is a Feng Shui practitioner with a background in yoga and healing rituals. “I help people who are going through transitions, specializing in divorce and break-ups.”

Patrice Egleston | Wild Earth House Therapy

Seasonal offerings are Enhancing the Mouth of Chi, where we bring more fortune and opportunities in through your front door, and Making Room for Yourself for anyone needing an energetic space clearing.

Meghan Eagan

“I am an ‘aromatherapist-in training’ House Therapist located in the Chicago area, specializing in raising your chi with a combination of Feng Shui and aromatherapy. Join me for an Intro to Feng Shui for Creatives: Intro to Feng Shui for Creatives – San Diego Writers, Ink (writeyourstorynow.org

Amy Babish MA, LPC, ATR-BC, is based outside of Washington, DC on Doeg land and is a transformational leadership and relationship coach, house therapist, and retreat facilitator with over 20 years of expertise, who guides global leaders, innovators, creatives, and wisdom keepers to live with more meaning, impact, and success.

to each of these space magicians, a DEEP BOW to you. I LOVE you and your HUZZAH so much, and I am lucky to know you!


I can say with delightful confidence to you, dear reader, that each of these House Therapists are fully ready to help YOU and your home! xo