looking for a home refresh? start here.

if your life suddenly changed – you landed that “dream” job, won the lottery, fell head over heels in LOVE with the “one” – how likely would your house and surroundings change? my guess is it would absolutely relish in some of that shine, too.


lucky you, the reverse happens to be just as true.

so many of my new clients and inboxers think the HOUSE LOVE comes after the win, but here’s what i see all the time:

when we intentionally change our surroundings, it inevitably influences and revises our life story and outcomes.

and this is precisely why i LOVE the power of a good metaphor. all your personal touches, your chosen décor, the rituals your observe, and even the amount of TLC you show your home are the adjectives and adverbs contributing to your life experience.


let’s make a few metaphors work a little better for you.

not getting what you want out of life? create a little OPEN SPACE around the house. if you don’t have room to receive something new, the things you want will have a hard time finding a *place to land.*

feeling overwhelmed? clear up any visual clutter. by the way, this isn’t your stereotypical clutter. it’s anything that creates visual fatigue – too many books on a shelf, an overfilled closet, all the toys, piles of mail / magazines…

circling a “poor me” loop? take a quick inventory. what in your space is telling a similar “poor me” story?

struggling all the time? make sure there isn’t something under your roof struggling, too. plants come to mind first, but this could be anything in your home that is barely making it.

feeling stuck? time for a clutter raid. clutter here will be the messy stuff (papers, piles, procrastination), but it can also be a room that houses too much stuff – in tight quarters, energy (money, opportunity, help) can’t move around easily.

exhausted around the clock? make sure you haven’t overloaded yourself on the chi enhancers (plants, crystals, mirrors, etc.) when we keep the chi active 24/7, we have a hard time settling down. eventually, that high will catch up with you!

languishing? move 27 things around and you’ll spark change in your life! xo

📸 @dreamywhiteslifestyle


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