my 5 Feng Shui *must haves*

“i’m so happy to hear that shui is more about working with what you have than buying new things. i once bought a Feng Shui course, but the ‘introduction’ was a huge laundry list of things to purchase! i’m not against buying things, but it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth and didn’t feel authentic. fortunately, i was able to get my money back!. i’m so excited to get another chance to learn this.”


it’s not uncommon for me to hear comments like this, or even get asked (often by suspicious spouses), “how much is this really going to cost me?”
the truth: whatever you feel like spending.
Feng Shui is a practice in harmonizing seen and unseen energies. and most times, this work doesn’t require a shopping list. 
when we start improving the space around us, we can be easily lured into wanting to give our surroundings a little sprucing and spending. 
those purchases, though, come down to personal preferences. even if your space needs a little décor rehab, it isn’t the only thing you can do to make it feel better. in fact, little shifts made intentionally in our rituals / routines create the real BIG change. and that energy isn’t label or cost specific. 
my non-negotiable costs? the ‘tools’ i’m rarely without? they might cost you a little green – but luckily, it’s not much!

here are my 5 recommendations for anyone who wants to partner with shui as a lifestyle and practice:


what began as a simple starting point for an overwhelmed client (more than 10 years ago!) has become the vertebrae for all my Feng Shui consults. whether you’re at a crossroads or just want to keep your energy upright, sweeping will change the air around you. if you aren’t sure where to sweep, follow me and start outside your front door. Feng Shui holds that our entryways welcome all universal blessings into a home. if you want luck and opportunity to find you, make your entrance entrancing. the more we use the front door, the more we welcome auspicious energy into our homes and lives. and a sweeping ritual is the perfect way to stitch the door’s frequent use into a regular habit. and then, whenever you don’t know what else (shui!) to do, sweep. it’ll usher little synchronicities your way!

salt is the ultimate panacea. it is used around the world in various cultures as a purifying agent. when you soak in a salty bath, you not only give yourself the luxury of personal time, you also…            

  • relax your muscles
  • draw out toxins in your body
  • calm your nervous system (thanks to the magnesium sulfate found in salt)
  • reduce any swelling
  • exfoliate your skin, leaving it very emollient. 

and in our homes, sprinkling sea salt across the thresholds (where one room ends and the other begins) renews the space by absorbing stagnant energy in the air. if there has been a particularly bad experience in your home, like a fight or illness, sprinkle salt everywhere. in both instances, leave it for 24 hours. vacuum it up the next day, and any negative, stale, or residual energy lingering will be gone.

there is a physicality to fire. it is an homage to our ancestors, who communed around a fire because it provided safety and comfort. modern-day circumstances have changed, but our love for fire still runs deep. and a small batch of candles glowing – with their flames reaching and extending – offers irrefutable charisma that raises the vibration around you. as morning breaks, light a candle and set an intention – imagining yourself fully expressive and alive, like dancing flames. (this little trick is especially useful when we need an infusion of courage.) 


the higher the vibrational quality around us, the better we roll with life. and anything freshy fresh has the most robust and immediate effects for turning blahs into BOO -YAHS! take a page straight from my routine: fresh flower runs on Friday and fresh fruit refreshments weekly.

you’ve likely heard plants are considered “good Feng Shui.” the most universal reason they are encouraged is simple: plants refresh a room by literally improving the air around us. however, their magic goes beyond respiration. for starters, research has found that looking at plants is heart healthy. plants induce positive feelings and lower blood pressure. they also reduce concentration-induced fatigue. 

when a plant is healthy, chances are the roots are, too. this is symbolic of what we see and don’t see – and it’s why plants are often related to wealth in Feng Shui. so, one healthy plant can represent a calm security that the good life (health, wealth, and people to enjoy those with!) will keep growing, if properly tended and nurtured. xo


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