my tried and true Feng Shui practices

one of my first EVER interviews as a shui consultant was over on AOL (yes, for-like-ever ago!), and surprise, surprise! my answers then still very much match my answers today!

AOL: what are your top 5 Feng Shui “suggestions” to live by?

Simple Shui: (1) clutter has a short shelf life in our home. as in any home, “things” can accumulate easily so i’m vigilant about revisiting drawers, closets, files, anywhere “stuff” has a tendency to become disorganized if left unchecked. if i buy something, it has a “home” before i bring it into my space. if there isn’t room for something i have or want to buy, it is either time to purge or question if i really need it.

(2) i keep living energy in our house as much as possible. fresh flowers are a must, and i love buying a new plant for inside or outdoors every couple months. if a plant starts wilting, i usually take it as a sign that i’m not caring for myself as well as i could.

(3) food is symbolic of wealth and health in Feng Shui so we follow a few steadfast, shui “rules” here daily. (a) the stove represents prosperity so we keep it clean, clean, clean. we also make an effort to use all 4 burners at least once a day to keep our prosperity circulating. (b) we keep our refrigerator and pantry stocked with healthy, nutritious food. it’s believed if you eat well, your body will be strong. if your body is strong, you’re able to work and make a good living. and if you’re living the good life, chances are, you’re eating well. FULL CIRCLE, right?

(4) when something goes out or breaks, i replace it immediately. Feng Shui can be very literal so if something is burned out, you are likely heading that way, too. if something is broken, you are perhaps broke. make this your motto: replace, repair, renew so you can receive!

(5) if something in my life is not going well, i revisit the corresponding gua in my house, in each room, and at my desk. i make any necessary adjustments and get very clear about my intentions. what people discover working with shui is doing something with intention brings about a whole new level of awareness and results. and once you get started, Feng Shui becomes an empowering journey of self-realization and actualization. xo


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