new year, new you? try this.

today’s tip is one i shared with my client this week that i want to extend to everyone here because it might resonate for you, too.

it was my first mentor and teacher, Ellen Whitehurst, who suggested this to me during a conversation we had more than a decade ago.


i hadn’t thought of it in years until I was talking to my client a couple weeks ago!


directly from those notes, the assignment is this:

find a photo of YOU that you LOVE. mount it on blue construction / colored paper. place it in a wood frame, and place it in the Skills / Knowledge area (of your home, your office, or any room that caters to this addition well). leave it out for at least 9 days.

this concoction reinforces self-love practices and strengthens beliefs of inherent self-worth.

the truth?

i didn’t have a photo of myself then that i LOVED, so it pushed me to get one – which i did – and what i remember happening shortly after i had this remedy installed:

AOL reached out to interview me about Feng Shui. (lucky me, i had a freshy fresh photo to share with my feature!) that was such a validation for me, and it really rippled into all sorts of BOLD moves on my part, so…

if this one resonates, definitely don’t hesitate, love beams! xo


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