Q & A: any suggestions for “breathing easy” right now?

the worlds of Chinese medicine and Feng Shui overlap, so i’m sharing a few staples that this body of wisdom suggests both build up our immune response and support our respiratory systems. whenever it comes to health, i err on the side of running any advice through your own filter first and trusting your own gut. that said, if you are in good health, this condensed list is absolutely worth your weekend!

fix leaks. water = energy. leaks = energy leaking away.

LOVE up on your LOVE / RELATIONSHIP area – this is the far back right-hand corner of your home (standing at your front door, looking into your house). if you practice compass shui, this is your Southwest corner. some simple gestures of love: clear any clutter, dust the plants (they clear the air for you, so make sure they’re breathing easily!), and/or create pockets of open space.

if you have a narrow hallway through your house, this suggests constriction. open it up – use a mirror, landscape art, or anything that “widens” it!

turn the lights on every day. light = life force!

wind chimes and plants keep energy moving – which is what we want to encourage when it comes to breathing effortlessly, right?

diffuse eucalyptus, lavender, or frankincense. by the way, if you have frank in your house, this is a gentler way to smudge – and it really embodies power, protection and prayer.

rose quartz is calming, reassuring, and mothering. if you have some, move it nearby you during the day or give it space on your bedside table. xo


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