Q & A: any suggestions for finding some clarity?

Q: “we just moved into our home (and it’s only been a month so i know there is so much opportunity here), but i had to hit pause because i was getting a little overwhelmed. you spoke recently on how white is mentally stimulating, and too much stimulation can feel a bit overwhelming. i know when my space is complete and i actually put things on the white walls and i love everywhere, it will feel different, but moving in, i’m trying to strike a balance of purchasing + planning and just taking a breath to focus a bit more on what we need at the moment. do you have any suggestions on helping us find some clarity and discernment?”

A: overly analyzing everything is a bi-product of too much Metal. the element Metal – when out of bounds – can make us feel overly analytical with every decision. since you mentioned everything being white (an expression of Metal), that could be amplifying the overthinking you’re experiencing.


you don’t need to do anything with the walls immediately.

instead, i want you to do these things for the next 3 months (if you can):

(1) bring in fresh flowers weekly or bi-weekly – preferably brightly colored red, pinks or oranges. these colors will introduce Fire energy, which helps “melt” some of that heavy mental (metal) energy. it will also deposit fresh chi in your “home’s account” and these “installments” will build up your chi reserves – which will entice you to feel more confident making decisions about the design and styling of your home!

(2) work to get your bedroom “finished” first – and in a way that feels really good! the bedroom is so influential on our energy, and once it pleasingly bookends your day, it will soothe the decision fatigue you’re experiencing.

(3) Fame / Reputation is where we really strengthen clarity – so, make sure you’re opening the windows, maybe lighting a candle here or even upping the wattage in the lighting options in this space. and if they need it, clean the windows so the light coming in isn’t diffused by weathering. all of this will increase the Fire energy in your space, which will curb the Metal energy that feels like it’s “cutting” your stride! xo

photo credit: farmgirl flowers


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