Q & A: can Feng Shui (principles) help improve relationships with parents?

Q: Hi Amanda! Thank you for this wonderful page enlightening me and many others. I am a follower of yours from Istanbul, Turkey. I spent some time listening to your podcast series and that’s how I put myself to work in the kitchen and did some good decluttering and cleaning. As I was listening, I also wondered: is there a Feng Shui principle or trick we could use to improve relationships with parents?

A: when it comes to our ‘family of origin’, I really LOVE tending to the Family / New Beginnings area of our home. this supports those goals well, especially if you…

TIP ONE: ensure nothing here feels emblematic of the way you’d describe your current relationship.

for example, let’s say you don’t have any photos of them here, try including them in the room to make them feel more part of your life.

is anything struggling here? remove it.

add light to this area so that you have some clarity and insight to the situation. bring in some warmth, if you feel like the relationship has gone cold.

bottom line: read this space metaphorically, see if there are any correlations and adjust accordingly.

TIP TWO: repeat this level of care in the following areas:

    Helpful People, which is a good spot to consider when we’re willing (or needing others) to be more helpful.

    Career, which is tied to our ability to hear each other. by the way, any clearing and cleaning here may improve listening on all sides.

    finally, Wealth is associated with a gentle, persistent wind, which carries our voices. simply acknowledging this space with a little TLC assures our voices carry. once the area is spruced, add a wind chime to accentuate your voice.

    need a quick look at the bagua, head here.

    hope that helps! xo