Q & A: can you tell me how to ‘clear’ the air and lingering negative energy?

Q: “can you tell me how to ‘clear’ the air and lingering negativity?”

A: so, some truth first: ‘unwanted’ energy happens everywhere and to everyone. you get sick. you have a fight. you gossip all over the place. there’s the news. the economy. COVID. the irrefutable need for systemic change and all the disagreements there. the marriage is hurting. the kids are not alright… the list here has legs. so, please acknowledge and accept that LIGHT and SHADOW are a packaged deal. and instead of striving to stay within a ‘light bubble,’ consider these suggestions as energetic cleaning that helps. they don’t negate what’s happening or how we must show up in problems; instead, these support your space so that it can help support you better.

so, if you’ve been around Simple Shui even a hot minute, you know i start most days lighting Palo Santo. this is my ritualistic cleaning. like you wash your bedding, homes need and require consistent energetic maintenance. if you can find a way to clean, clear and cleanse your space regularly, that one effort will keep the heavy from moving in and making itself at home.

you know i LOVE salt – the original crystal. i leave a bowl out for 24 hours whenever something funky is in the air. then, i either toss it in the dirt (and cover it up) or in the trash outside. now, if you want to amp this up a little more, create a circle of sea salt around your space / home. and if you want to add another dose of magic into the mix, put a pinch of activated charcoal or pepper into your salt. use this salt to create a barrier around your home, and it will absorb unwanted energy heading toward your space.

finally, eucalyptus, babes. it is the mother of clearing and cleaning the air. if you have a spray bottle, add distilled water with several drops of eucalyptus essential oil, and shake it up. now, you can can spritz those low notes away.

when it comes to keeping the energy upright in your spaces, remember this: maintenance here is everything! get on the regular with any of these, and you will find it makes a BIG difference to you and your home’s disposition! xo


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