Q & A: do you have any simple Feng Shui tips you recommend for a beginner?

Q: “HELP! i’m trying to encourage my husband to follow a few Feng Shui suggestions that will help enhance our wealth. are there any simple tips you recommend for a beginner?”

A: absolutely! first, let me say the simplicity here is effective. so effective, in fact, that you will feel an urge to adopt all of these in a weekend just because you can. ask him what resonates or sounds interesting from the list, and start with 1-2 from his list. and then implement those into a routine INTENTIONALLY. watch for cha-ching improvements and/or opportunities! and then grab 1-2 more tips, and REPEAT!

and with that…

here are 5 suggestions that just might fancy his interest:

TIP ONE: a brass bell kept in the Wealth corner of the desk is a traditional Feng Shui adjustment. this is the far back left-hand corner when you are sitting at your desk. place this with the intention of “calling in” abundance. any money that comes in (checks, cash, *profitable* financial statements) can be put under the bell until you deposit / spend / file it. you don’t have to ring the bell for this to work, but do make sure you love the sound it makes.

TIP TWO: toilets create a vortex of swirling, draining moving water – so, keep toilet lids down to protect wealth. keep bathroom doors closed to counteract money leaving down the drain.

TIP THREE: “just in case” items suggest we don’t trust the flow of life. they also take up space and drain energy because they represent a constant concern of not having “enough” later. if anything in your space doesn’t have value / use to you, let it go.

TIP FOUR: purge and organize your wallet regularly. this shows respect for money in your life. one of my first mentors encouraged me to always keep a pinch of salt in mine, too. salt draws energy to it, and in your wallet, this translates into money being drawn to you.

TIP FIVE: anything that suggests struggle or is actually struggling (like plants) should be remedied (repaired, revived, or removed). any *visible* struggle keeps us stuck in it, so address those issues immediately. xo


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