Q & A: do you provide consultations internationally?

someone recently inquired about my consultation process, and her Qs were absolutely fabulous! so, if you’ve ever wondered what happens during one, too, this is just for you!

Q: do you provide consultations internationally?

i do! i currently am working *in* Australia, the UK, Canada, and Japan. we *meet* via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom (your preference) and do a virtual walk-through together. during our time together, in addition to our video convos, we stay in touch (for Qs and support) via email and text.

Q: what kind of Feng Shui do you practice?

i practice BTB and Compass – depending on a client’s preference. i work with the 5 Element theories and 9 Star Ki, too. i also incorporate Form School principles where appropriate, and i lean into practices learned in my Earth Medicine studies.

Q: what information do you need from me to do your evaluation? 

it starts with a questionnaire – this helps me gather more information regarding your objectives / expectations / etc. i also ask for your home / space blueprint (so we could assess any layout issues immediately); the house address; birthdates for everyone in the home (to assess where their power spots reside); and information about the neighborhood / location area of your home. 

Q: what can i expect from the evaluation?

two answers:

(1) the confidence of working with someone with 15+ years of experience who already has the answers for whatever challenges your space presents. you also learn shui when working with me so that wherever you go (new home, your office, the kid’s dorm room…), you have a little flex! which means my consults *last* a little longer so i have time to explain what’s happening and why!


(2) what are your objectives? Feng Shui can create a supportive environment, but it’s most potent and powerful when it works and aligns with your goals. my work looks to “match” the suggestions and considerations with what a client / family needs and desires from their space. 

wondering if it’s time for a consult? the answer is YES! join me here because i have even more details to share and an invite for YOU to schedule a FREE chat! xo


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