Q & A: how can i shui my yard?

Q: “how can i Feng Shui my property to bring good energy to my home and neighborhood?”

A: the land chi around our home is influencing us (and our lives!) all the time – and it is WAY more important than we often realize, so FAB question (especially as we twirl into spring!). here are a few of my favorite ways to *PLUMP UP THE CHI*:

TIP ONE: compost / fertilize your soil. if the soil surrounding your home is healthy and lush and producing life, you are in the best hands possible! in fact, did you know that practitioners of old weren’t taken seriously unless they had soil underneath their fingertips? and part of their job was to taste the soil to know if it was healthy, replenishing and auspicious (fun fact!).

TIP TWO: take care of the landscape you’ve got. if anything is rotting or dying, remove it. if something is overgrown, know that it is consuming life chi from you — and consider pruning it. plants and trees are great for a space until they take over. as a living thing needing energy, they extract it from the property, out of the house, siphoning it away from you.

one of the most exhilarating and exhausting situations for me as a practitioner is driving up to a home and seeing a yard that desperately needs trimming and manicuring. it’s a simple enough solution with BIG wins on the other side, but clients often want to leave it the way it is. so, if that’s YOU, my suggestion: start with one section and pay attention to what happens. we live in a vibrational universe, and when you start making changes, you’re guaranteed immediate energetic feedback!

TIP THREE: install lighting around your property – solar lights along the path, lighting on the house, up-lights on trees or a few strands of draped twinkle lights. not only does this amplify your garden chi, it also eliminates negative energy.

TIP FOUR: get things moving! movement can be implied / added with any decorative feature like a flag, windmill, weather vane, windsock or wind chimes. as “wild grace” (wind) moves across your property, this addition – which also provides a sense of “replenishment without diminishment” – creates a welcoming energy for those who lives here and nearby! xo

photo | here (prepare to swoon, honey!)