Q & A: “how important are ‘two’s’ in the bedroom?”

Q: “how important are the ‘two’s’ in the bedroom? i’ve only had one nightstand on my side. may be the reason i’ve been single for a decade, and not been successful at finding relationships of any kind that are balanced…”

A: so much YES to getting another nightstand! playing to pairs in the bedroom (2 nightstands, 2 lamps, etc.) reinforces *pairing up* in real life! and this pairing up isn’t exclusive to wooing romance – it plays well to any relationship we’re seeking professionally, collaboratively +/or socially!

and while we’re on the topic, here are a few other ideas worth considering:

assess the imagery and art around your home. if you have too much *solo* imagery up, like a single person in a photo, that metaphor can make *coupling up* challenging. (this shui tip holds up 100% — oh, the stories i could tell you!!!)

*marry* a good mix of masculine / feminine decor in your surroundings. when our spaces are overly either (think: bachelor pad or she-sanctuary), it can make a potential partner feel less welcome in our home (and, eventually, life).

(thanks to COVID, this one probably is resolved, but…) make sure you “use” your home. when we’re absent from it and only around when we bring someone back to it, it lacks that warmth and lived-in feel — and that emptiness can be contagious. so, light the candles, spark the stove to life, and cozy up the couch. (tuck this one away for those post-COVID days in our forecast!)

move a few plants out of the bedroom if it’s become a greenhouse. we won’t get too technical here, but Earth is the element that speaks to receptivity. plants are an expression of Wood energy – and Wood is the element (think: roots) that breaks through Earth (think: dirt). you don’t need to get rid of your green buddies; simply relocate some of them to another spot in your home.

finally, dedicate space for a partner now. literally. corral a few hangers in the closet and leave them empty. clear out a drawer or two for his/her stuff. buy a new toothbrush. throw the safe sex stash in a nearby drawer. tend to the details of your lover’s arrival, and the universe will sniff the hint! xo


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