Q & A: “i need to get centered but don’t know how after so much struggle. any shui suggestions?”

Q: “i need to get centered but don’t know how to find a sense of balance after so much struggle. any Feng Shui suggestions?”

A: “i need to get centered” is telling you exactly where to look – the center of your space. this space is a metaphor for what’s happening in your life right now. its energy has an upper hand in all areas of your life because it’s the only life area on the bagua that is *in touch* with the other 8 guas. so, its space can influence change efficiently and quickly. my suggestion?

bring in something lush and living here. fresh chi LOVES to serve up welcome refreshments in ALL areas of your life.

add a pop of yellow. you could paint a wall yellow, but you could also invite yellow hues in with a rug or artwork; put out a bowl of 🍋; or use yellow candles, like beeswax.

ground the space. the element Earth is associated with health luck (and relationship luck) on tap here. so, rocks and stones, imagery of lush landscapes (mountains, fields, horizons), +/or square shapes and horizontal stripes all cater to the *evening out* chi Earth provides.

dress it with a crystal or two. consider what energy you want to spruce your life with and add it accordingly. a few quick ideas: MOONSTONE is great for starting fresh. JASPER is incredibly nurturing. RUBY restores vitality. OBSIDIAN shields against negative energy and gives anxiety the elbow! QUARTZ CRYSTAL can amplify strength and healing. and TIGER’S EYE both motivates and clarifies chi.

finally, nourish your home with a good balance of yang elements. bright colors, happy sounds (like music or outdoor sounds), and the invitation of warmth and comfort do the trick nicely! when a space is too yin – which can present as overly feminine, a favoring of dark décor/walls, dim lighting all the time, +/or an overly hushed or quiet home – the yang energy gets suppressed. this can squelch our health and relationships. without that balance, women will find it hard to have relationships; men will struggle to get projects off the ground; and with the yin/yang out of sync, rebounds and comebacks can feel like a struggle and out of our reach. xo


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