Q & A: “if i want to amp the good shui in my home and (home) office, do i treat them as separate spaces?”

Q: “i live in a VERY irregularly shaped house. if i want to amp up the good shui in my home and office, do i treat them as separate spaces (EACH with their own ‘helpful area’)? same Q for my desk and office at work. do i treat each or just the space as a whole? maybe i’m overthinking this? any advice would be super appreciated.”

A: utilize ALL the Helpful People areas of your house, office and your desk. i call this ‘layering the shui’ and it is an effective approach for irregularly-shaped spaces.

take some TLC to the front of your house, especially the front door. this is where we welcome new opportunities into our lives (‘that’ job). it also speaks to how we approach the world, much like a first impression. you set the stage for what you are calling into your life here, so consider a few greeters. a mat here is lovely, if it is cared for and refreshed occasionally. it has a way of pinpointing where chi (people, opportunities, luck) enters, leading the way into the home. another go-to here: PLANTS! living energy outside the door suggests thriving energy inside the house. thriving energy is confident energy – and confident energy is attractive career energy.

add some moving water into the front middle space of your house. moving water stimulates career energies. if you can’t find a low-maintenance water fountain, display an image of moving water you LOVE somewhere in the career area of your house or office. (note: make sure that the water is moving ‘into’ your space.)

POST SHUI: “i cleaned out my office and home. i spent a couple days ignoring my job hunt (and rising sense of panic) and just focused on my space. i implemented your suggestions. and i paid particular attention to the front of the house and my office. one month later, i was invited to interview at my dream job. I GOT THE JOB!!! now i understand what you mean about the shui ‘over delivering’. i never imagined i’d ever find such a role, let alone be interviewed for it and be offered a contract. i can’t thank you enough! the day i reached out, i’d really hit a low. your help gave me the push i needed to sort my space (and thus, my head) out. sending you lots of love and gratitude!” xo


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