Q & A: is it *bad* Feng Shui if…

Q: “my front door lines up with a big back window. i’ve heard this is “bad” Feng Shui. is that true, and if so, how can i fix it?”

A: when a front door and back door (or big window) align, this creates a bowling alley effect for energy. imagine a ball of energy entering your home. without interference, it will cruise right down the *alley* of your home and exit out the back. in shui, we consider this a challenge because it means incoming energy – think: job, love, +/or life luck – enters your life and exits just as quickly. left unchecked, you might notice the consequences — opportunities coming and going before you can act on them. so, here are a few quick tips for slowing that roll so you fully reap the rewards of what comes your way!

play with your flooring options. change up the *runway* between the entrance and exit. the contrast (example: rug to hardwood floors) will slow energy flow favorably for you!

make an irrefutable first impression with a focal point that refuses to be missed when entering your home. bright colors, larger than life decor, or something beautiful (like flowers) are pros when it comes to grabbing the eye!

create a bread crumb trail of visual candy. lead the eye from one beautiful thing to the next, and energy will follow its cue. a brightly lit lamp to a fabric wall hanging to a well-curated shelf. entrance the energy from oooh to ahhh through your home, okay?

use lighting to orchestrate the energy from room to room. have a lamp on in one room; let natural lighting flood the next; +/or use bright décor to set the ambience in another. think of these subtle shifts as a guided tour through your home!

dress the windows with panels or drapes – and say HELLO to the control this gives you over any energy leaving!

if the space allows, position furniture anywhere between the two thresholds. this will interrupt incoming energy, and redirect it around the house. for instance, a round table encourages energy to circulate while a seating arrangement would corral that energy. it only takes a few intentional shifts, and all incoming energy (read: opportunities!) will linger longer, nourishing you and your home! xo