Q & A: sweeping indoors vs. vacuuming – is there a difference?

Q: what are your thoughts on sweeping indoors instead of vacuuming? is there an energetic difference there?

A: i LOVE to vacuum, too! (we just recently got a Dyson, and what a game changer! #notanad)

so, here is the shui shake down. vacuuming is great for keeping dirt and debris out of a space. dirt and dust have a very low energy vibe. this is why keeping a space well-maintained is considered good shui. one of my teachers used to say, “dirt is death” – so, that’s the kind of vibe we’re talking!

that said, there is the symbolic act of “sweeping away” negative and/or low every residue. this is the stuff that lingers from arguments, a 24-hour news cycle, TV shows/movies, illness. essentially, any energetics we don’t see but feel.

my suggestion: vacuum. and as often as you like. sweep occasionally but with some consistency, especially when you feel the energy around you is stuck or heavy.

and for my apartment dwellers or those without an outdoor space, you can still do this inside! the broom doesn’t need to touch the carpet. all you need to do is sweep toward an open window or door. it still enacts symbolism of *clearing the air*. voila! xo

(this photo is of my favorite dip-dyed brooms. i have had mine since 2016 — and i absolutely LOVE it! check out @lostineathome to get yours!!!)


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