Q & A: the LOVE / RELATIONSHIP area is in my garage – how do i Feng Shui this area?

Q: “the love, relationship, partnership zone is in our garage where a room is that is used for storage of holiday decor, our bicycles, etc., and the only time we go into this room is when we’re decorating for the holidays, getting our bikes out a few times a month during summer. how do i Feng Shui this area?”

A: great Q! here are few super simple ideas to get you started…

TIP ONE: reinforce that gua’s energy in other rooms / areas of the house. so, generically speaking, you might not want rose quartz in the garage, but you could possibly place them in the LOVE gua of your living room or bedroom. you might tuck them between the LOVE gua section of your mattress. or you might bury some in the LOVE gua area of your property. this is where understanding and employing the micro and macro applications of the bagua can be incredibly helpful!

TIP TWO: notice if you have piles of things in the garage needing attention. forgotten (or neglected) piles / stacks / boxes of things could suggest feeling (or the experience of) too many loose ends in your relationships.


consider the energy you want to feel in your relationships, and find a way to make your space carry a hint of that, too.


if you want to feel welcome in your relationships, make the space feel welcoming. if you want to invite new business partnerships or relationships into your world, organize the space so it “provides room” for the people who can make life easier for you!

TIP THREE: hang a Swarovski crystal from the center of the garage ceiling. this “enhancement” will generously circulate energy in the garage whenever the sun does hit it – which will raise the vibration of the garage and energize the LOVE and RELATIONSHIP chi on tap. and since these man-made crystals are made of quartz sand (a mighty abundant expression of Earth – the element “most at home” in LOVE), this one tip can quickly become your “lucky love charm”! xo