Q & A: we’re in the middle of some family chaos – can shui help?

Q: “we’re in the middle of some family chaos right now – do you have any shui tips that could help?”

A: i have a few suggestions – my recommendation is try the one or two tips here that feel most within reach for you!

(1) place a fresh bouquet of flowers at the center of your house – specifically choose either pink flowers (to emphasize love) or orange flowers (to improve communication).

(2) diffuse lavender essential oil or find a lavender spritz / spray. lavender is a gentle *mediator* during family disagreements. (alternatively, you could plant lavender outside, if that appeals!)

(3) charcoal is a fabulous energy to work with during challenges or disagreements. when i work with it, i will either move a charcoal (art) print to the space that needs the support or i will grab some charcoal pencils and put them in a pen / pencil holder in the space needing support. again, the center of the house or any room is the best spot for this remedy.

(4) if you keep fresh fruit out in the kitchen, try a bowl of lemons. we often think of lemon water as a way of gently detoxing our body, right? same thing for lemons in the house. they detox any lingering frustration, and they can also help nudge us toward forgiveness. if you want to play to “making this intention the center of attention”, keep this bowl at the center of your dining table. i tend to keep 9 of any fruit i work with as 9 speaks to completion / manifestation of our intentions.

(5) Copal incense is fabulous to burn daily when we need to “release” something, so create a quick ritual for clearing the air with its help! xo