Q & A: “what about fake plants? are the a bad idea?”

Q: “what about fake plants? are they just a bad idea…?”

LOVE this Q because there are 2 answers, and both matter!

first, let’s talk about this notion of “bad” Feng Shui. can we just stop with it, please? “bad” is how we end up thinking we’re victims to our home, and that is just not the case.


“bad” often gets thrown around way too casually by people without much shui KNOW HOW, and that proclamation always leaves a heavy residue with the homeowner. (trust me, my inbox Qs are proof!)

instead, let’s try this: “here is an opportunity to improve the energy happening around you! what if you [insert suggestions]?”

BOOM! empowering, encouraging, and educational!

as for whether fake plants are helpful in a home, it all depends on what you “need” from a plant.

i cannot emphasize this enough: context is EVERYTHING in Feng Shui. and so much of that depends on what’s already happening in your home, and what you’re looking to improve or enhance.


if you’re looking to wake a space up / generate *new life* in your surroundings, fresh works best because its literally pumping out that living, breathing energy. example: if you (or a loved one) is ill, a fresh, living plant is a better idea because it engages / improves the chi immediately, which accelerates the road to recovery.

however, before you start tossing out any faux flora, science has proven that looking at plants (real, fake, even images of them) works its own world of wonders! so, if you want a productivity “lift”, need to lower blood pressure, +/or percolate some positivity, fake is just as fabulous! xo


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